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Sertinos Café - Store Design & Construction

Designed To Be Inviting While Promoting Sales
Unlike other upscale casual restaurants where the mood is dark and formal, Sertinos Cafés are designed to reflect the feel of the intimate café experience, complete with comfortable couches, appealing side chairs, fireplaces, warm woods, inviting earth tones and interesting wall décor. We have strategically designed our interiors to be as comfortable and inviting as possible to enhance our friendly Sertinos experience - a unique look and feel designed to make your customers feel comfortable, while facilitating service and maximizing sales.

The Construction Process
Once you sign a lease for your space, we will guide you through the space planning, interior design and construction phase. We will provide you with professional prototype floor plans based on the configuration of the space, a complete equipment list and comprehensive specifications for your Sertinos store design and décor. Our job is to keep the process as cost-effective and streamline for you as possible. Normally, we put you in touch with our interior design consultants and architects to efficiently design and draw a set of "build-able" construction blueprints for your store based on your location and menu.

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Sertinos Cafés are designed for a warm and relaxed environment catering to the specialty sandwich and coffee customer.
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Sertinos Cafes
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