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Sertinos Café - Training Program

Whether or not you are experienced in the restaurant or retail fields, we take the time and care to get you acquainted with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive. In our initial and ongoing training programs you will learn what it takes to be in the hospitality business and what a Sertinos Café is all about. We want to help make you an expert in the field.

Our comprehensive training programs consist of two main parts: an up to five-day classroom-style program and an up to 14-day session of in-store training. For the classroom training, you get to come out to our corporate offices. Here, you will focus on learning management and operational skills. We will give you a review of all the information in the Sertinos Operations Manual. You can later use this manual as a reference guide for your daily store operations, as a problem-solving tool and as an aid for training staff. This training is not only crucial; it is exciting.

You'll learn the Ins-and-Outs of:
• Hiring and Training
• Shop Operations
• Personel Management
• Customer Service
• Advertising
• Accounting
• Budget Procedures
• Security
  • Sandwich & Beverage Recipes
• Marketing
• Purchasing
• Inventory Control
• Equipment Usage
• Maintenance
• Retail sales of whole bean and
   home brewing accessories

Then it's on to training your staff. Your employees are critical in maintaining high customer satisfaction. Once you have been trained in the Sertinos operating system, it will be easier to influence and guide others with your knowledge and enthusiasm. In-store training prior to your store opening will not only help your opening day go smoothly, but will also serve as a means of increasing your store's long-term performance. We will spend much of our time teaching you how to make our various menu items-getting you to where it seems you've been doing it for 20 years.

Training ensures your store's opening goes smoothly,
and it works to increase your store's long-term performance.
Sertinos Cafe Training Program
Sertinos Cafes
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